The clan was disbanded.

[DAMN_] TheDamned

Hello, G3T R3KT , And Goodbye


We are a new international clan called DAMN_. We are looking for active players, who are usually playing stronghold and CWs with the clan. Our aim is to strike the top of the leaderbord, and have big activity on global map.
At the beginning we cannot promise that, we will give many credit boosts and some other stuff to players, but if we can push our buildings up minimum to 6, we will start producing it.

Our requirements:
- 2400+ WN8 overall (for rerolls 3000+WN)
- 3 tier8 esl tanks (for example: T32,IS-3,50100,t54ltwt,1390,ru251,t69,pershing,110, etc.)
- 3 tier 10 tanks for cws, sh attacks.
- Be online 4-5 days a week( *Not at the beginning, after that we have 20 players)
- Normal recent WN8 on the account (Not lower than your overall, minimum +500)
- Teamspeak3
- 400 bricks per a week in strongholds (After we gather 20 active players)

If you are interested and you want to be in a good clan, contact:
__BudaiMarcell__ or 1_Todesengel_1

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