[-322-] Skull and Bones Frontline

Veni, vidi, vici!


-322- is 322's clan for Campaigns.

The clan is looking for active members, which are actually willing to play team battles - Advances, Campaigns.
The commanders will NOT tolerate inactivness in clan activities! That also apply to the currect members!

Clan average wn8

Basic recruitment requirements:
+55% winratio
+2200 wn8
+2200 dmg on X
+1500 PR
+4 tier X's
More info about requirements in our Recruitment thread

Those willing to be part of the 322 community and interested in platoons only, please see 322

In memory to our friends and clanmates Morphelo and Igo_ : RIP

For any info, issues, questions contact: SethOnFire

TS - cs2.lordsoft.net
Discord Link: https://discord.gg/uar9jQH

322_ALT is a placeholder account, property of 322.

Clan statistics

Number of members: 1

Ø Battles0
Ø WN80,00
Ø WinRate0,00%

Clan members

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Skirmishes statistics

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Clan history

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